The simplest way to sell your music globally. Without hidden fees.

The simplest way to sell your music globally. Without hidden fees.

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Novecore makes it easy to sell your music on all major platforms worldwide. We help you get your music heard and earn money, so you can focus on what you do best. Making music and reaching fans.

Don't stand alone in the rain - we take care of hurdles in distribution.

The sheer number of artists on social media and increasing regulations on music distribution have made it difficult to sell music and earn money. This is where we come in and give you our full support.

Reach millions of listeners – easier than ever before

Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music and Deezer. We believe that if you create great music, you should have a great experience sharing it.

Easy-to-use app. Fast distribution. Friendly support team.

Be in control of your success

Our mission is to help you get your music heard easily. You should be able to focus on creating amazing music. You shouldn't have to worry about all the technical and legal issues you will face when you try to sell your music online.

Great features for amazing artists.


Novecore allows you to monitor your performance and earnings. You’ll get access to all the data an artists could ever need. All with the goal of providing you with real-time info about how your releases are performing.

Fast distribution

We’re extremely transparent about our service. So when we say that you can get your music into stores within hours, we mean it. Novecore can help you get your music on all major platforms and reach your audience quickly.

Regular payouts

As a Novecore artist, you’ll get paid every month - no delays.

Copyright protection

Our platform protects your music and helps you prevent unauthorized uploads. Copyright protection may seem complicated at first, but it’s mandatory - and Novecore makes it easy.


Using Novecore, you can request a Vevo channel and create a premium image as an artist. You’ll also get the chance to maximize your earnings.

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No credit card required
  • Quick distribution to many stores
  • SoundCloud Monetization
  • Re-upload Protection & ContentID
  • Chat, Email and WhatsApp Support
  • Vevo Channel & Uploads
  • International Royalty Collection
  • Monthly Royalty Payments
  • TikTok
  • 15% Commission
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per month
  • Everything from free
  • 0% Commission
  • Premium Chat, Email and WhatsApp Support
  • Same Day Distribution
  • Broadcast, Chart and Playlist Monitoring
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Plan prices per artist. Vevo channel request fee $5/channel.

Hundreds of artists have described our service as affordable, empowering and best-in-class.